Online Banking

Online banking can be easy and it can be difficult. Some of the benefits you have in doing online banking is that you don’t have to go into an actual bank, you can just go online on any mobile working device. You also don’t have to worry about having to personally go out you can just solve your problems online. Some doubts people have with online banking is that they may not end up real. They also don’t feel safe putting in their personal information and their identities being stolen. A lot of people now-a-days use online banking so they wont have to go out of their houses to do it. Online banking could be a huge investment in the future, but I also feel like we should keep banks so people who don’t want to try online banking still will depend off of an actual bank.


pros and cons about owning a small business

Owning a small business is sole proprietorship which is a business owned by one person. Most small businesses are owned by an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who assumes the risk of business ownership. These kind of businesses are the simplest form of business ownership. Some pros to owning a small business would be that you are your own boss. You get to do things your way, you choose the people you want to hire, what you want in your business, you choose how you run things in your business. Some cons about owning a small business is that you have to do all the major work for the business. You have to be on top of everything that is going on in your business. At the end of the day it can be stressful to be on top and in charge of everything but it can be fun since you are the boss you get to run things how you want them.
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